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My Butterflies October 30, 2009

Posted by Stu in Speeches.

This a speech that Caesar recently gave during our morning assembly.

Caesar Yang, 5 Red


It was a sunny day.  As usual my mom was in the garden taking care of her plants. She was so excited to tell everybody that she found a few butterfly eggs on the leaves of a lemon tree.  We were all surprised and discussed keep whether or not we should keep the butterfly eggs.

The next morning, mom found two more eggs again and so we decided to raise them until they grew up to be butterflies.  To raise the caterpillars, we needed to do some daily care, to fed them and clean their environment everyday so we carefully chose the freshest leaves and wiped out the moisture. Any water could make them die; even a drop! After that, we cleaned the feces from the box and changed the new leaves.

Caterpillars are eating machines. The only jobs for them to do are to eat and to poo.  Day by day, they were changing all the time. They ate more and more and they became bigger and bigger. The colors were beginning to change. From the beginning, the baby caterpillars were black and white. Few days later, they changed to be a light green bud. Few more days later, they became strong green modzilla and were ready to fight with Godzilla. They would straighten their red tentacles when they were angry.

After a week, a strange thing happened. The eldest caterpillar stopped eating. It climbed to a higher place to keep away from the other caterpillars. It started spinning. One day latter it became a chrysalis. Only two thin strings held the big chrysalis. The chrysalis looked just like a dangerous tree house. The other caterpillars also became chrysalis. We waited and waited, and waited. They were so quiet and nothing happened. One day, two days, three days passes and still nothing happened

Then, one night, about one week later, a beautiful butterfly appeared in the box. It seemed like it was too weak to wave its wings. We thought this is the time let it fly to the sky. Next morning, we were so eager to check the status of her new life of butterfly. She was so beautiful and shinny especially in the daylight. At last, we had to say goodbye because we know she belongs to nature.



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