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A Mean, Old Man October 30, 2009

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Last week the students wrote a short story about a mean, old man who lives next door them.  Here are a few of the students stories;

Jennifer – 5 Red


My neighbour is a senior man. He hates other people especially children. He is old and insane. He lives by himself. His lovely wife died and his son has to work in another country, so the senior man always feels very mean.

One day, I went to school. I had a superb day at school, so I had a superb mood, too. However, when I went home, I saw that the senior man was breaking the windows of my house! He used a wooden stick to break every window! I was scared to go home. When the senior man went home, I went home, too, but the windows were all broken and we had to fix them.

The next day, everyone wanted to talk with the senior man, but they were afraid, so they didn’t go. I saw the senior man had gone and we knew that he had already moved to another house.

Grace, 5 Blue


There is a rude, elderly man who lives next door to me. He has jet black hair, eyes as black as night, a mushy beard and oversized feet. He never ever has a smile on his face.

He hates children and so he hates me. I rode my bike past his house once and he pushed me off my bike. I crashed into the solid ground. Another time, I bought an ice-cream cone. When he saw me, he took my ice-cream cone and fed it to his dog!  The next day I was playing basketball, I accidentally threw my ball over his fence and he threw it in his nasty trash can!

I hate being his neighbour. He is so mean! I wish he could be gone, but it will never happen!

Johnathan, 5 Yellow


There is a horrid foolish woman who lives beside me.  She has a lengthy, pointy nose with terrible, green boogers sticking around it, and she has only a little hair.  Also she has a stinky beard and yucky spots all over on her body that are ready to explode!

Once my daft, little dog—puffy, ran into her room.  She shouted and threw all the things that she could throw at puffy, even knives!! When we got in, pitiful puffy was dead with blood all around him.  Oh, my God! She is terrible!!



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