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Animals December 10, 2009

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This week the students have been writing about their favourite animals.

Alligators by Candy, 5 Blue


My favorite animals are alligators. They are green and long. Their bodies are strong. Their eyes are big and yellow. Their teeth are sharp.   They live in water. When they hunt, they lie in the water, only their eyes and nose are out at the water. When they see deer or other animals, they jump out the water and pull into them into water until the animal is dead.

At night, we can see their big yellow eyes are out the water, but we must be careful. Alligators are strong. They can use their sharp teeth to bite you. If they bite your hand, you will only have one hand.

I like them because they have strong bodies. Alligators’ skin is very hard, and they are also very dangerous too. They can bite your hand or feet off, or even kill you.

Tyrannosaurus by  Paul Wu, 5 Yellow


The tyrannosaurus is a gigantic animal, and it is fierce, too.  They are very tall, about six meters tall.  They are heavier than African elephants.

Tyrannosaurus is a large meat-eating dinosaur.  They have sharp teeth.  Some teeth can be fifteen centimeters long.  Their front legs are short, but their back legs are long and strong.  And they use their back legs to stand and walk.

Tyrannosaurus can hunt or eat dead animal bodies. They are scary and dangerous.  I have many dinosaur toys and I read many books about tyrannosaurus, so I like them very much.

Octopuses by Sunny Hsu, 5 Red


There are many animals in the ocean. There is a large,strange but delicious looking animal called an octopus.  Octopuses look scary and mean, but they are shy .  They always hide behind the rocks or in caves so we can’t find them easily.

Octopuses have eight legs and on their legs there are suction cups.  They use the suction cups to catch little fish and eat them.  When people hunt them, they change color so that the people can’t find them.

I like octopuses because they are special.  There are no animals like

octopuses that have suction cups  and tentacles.  They look strange but I don’t care.  And another reason why I like  octopuses is that they are delicious!

Alligators by Max Yeh, 5 Red


Alligators are lazy but don’t get too close to them as they can be scary and crazy.  They can swim as fast as bicycle (at top speed).  Alligators are powerful.  They’re stronger than crocodiles.  They are heavy but they can catch snakes.  They’re very smart and brave.

When they swim, alligators put their nostrils above the water to breathe.  They can catch many kinds of animals because they look just like a tree that has fallen into the water.  They often fight with other alligators.  They can use their big teeth to chew, and they can even use their big teeth to cut a person in half.

I like them because I think they are cute.  They sleep often just like me.  Alligators are brave and I like animals that are brave.



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